April showers and an empty nestbox

We are getting some nice  April showers today with not much thunderstorm activity which is rare in central Oklahoma.  There was a break in the rain about breakfast time and the bluebirds showed up for their mealworms.  They continue to inspect the box several times daily and are protective of it, but have shown no sign of building a nest.

I don’t know quite what to think of the situation.  This time last year a nest was built and five eggs were being incubated.  Perhaps they have built a nest down on the creek in a tree cavity, or maybe Mama is just getting old and her ovaries aren’t the egg factory they used to be. We will be leaving on a trip to High Island soon to watch the neotropical migration, so I’d like to see some signs of nesting before we leave.

One of the House Finch nests.

I did find two House Finch nests in the yard yesterday.  Both are built toward the tops of two

Junipers.  One has two eggs and the other is not quite completed. At least we will have some nests to watch, but they just don’t take the place of the bluebirds who have become family.

The mockingbirds are still around and I haven’t seen them doing any nest building, either.  I have seen the male in a couple of fights with another male and they were some of the most vicious bird fights I’ve witnessed.  No hummingbirds yet despite

Mealworms-- Breakfast of champions!

some  being seen around town.  With Autumn Sage, Red Columbine and Coral Honeysuckle in full bloom, you’d think we’d get a few.  The field behind the house has a lot of Indian Paint Brush and that is one of their favorite foods.  Surely they will come and the bluebirds will nest. It is the season of renewal.


About lindell dillon

Lindell Dillon is retired and lives in Norman, OK. He grew up in Duncan, attended Cameron College and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. His interests include photography, nature, birding, and investing. Oklahoma Master Naturalist, alumnus Norman Police Department Citizens Academy.
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6 Responses to April showers and an empty nestbox

  1. Jo Ann Wilkinson says:

    I am in the north sub. of Chicago. Have tried to lure bluebirds for several years. The sparrows usually take over. Last week, used filament (fishing line) to string my houses. Seems to be working! Sparrows don’t want to land, and was delighted to see a pair of bluebirds inspecting and going inside, on two early mornings. I’ve only seen them 2x, in early morning, including this a.m. Checked inside, and no nest to date. Was interested that you mentioned they are only inspecting.
    I have high hopes! Had a dead bluebird a couple of weeks ago. Was devastated! That’s when I did some research to find that the sparrows are responsible….and led me to stringing up my birdhouse.
    Will try to keep you posted, and be interested when yours finally nest!

  2. jpinok3 says:

    Nice pictures. I hope the bluebirds decide to come back.

  3. Marilyn Grause says:

    First year that bluebirds have taken up residence in our house. However, they have also taken up perching and pooping on the mirrors of the pickup truck parked nearby. They seem to be doing a dance going from the mirror to the pickup window. It is fascinating to watch but the pooping on the mirrors has become a problem. Any suggestions?

  4. Hi Lindell, I sure do hope mom and pop Bluebird get busy soon! I still have not put up a nest house here but may do so next year before the house would likely be needed. Always something to do. Hope all goes well for those Finches. Have an excellent day!

    • joannwilkie says:

      Things are pretty much the same in Chicago. The sparrows have nested in one of my bluebird houses, despite the fishing twine that we strung it with. Husband has removed another nest, although I am fearing ‘retaliation’ by them.
      No hummingbirds, but have read they are also in this area.
      Bluebirds are eating the dried mealworms I have placed on my other house, so they’re still around, but no nesting so far. Notes here have given me hope!

      Happy Spring!

  5. lindell dillon says:

    The bluebirds still aren’t nesting. They are here for worms in the morning and in and out of the yard several times daily. I don’t think they have nested elswhere or they’d have babies and Daddy would be gathering mouthfulls of worms and taking to them. I really think Mama has just gotten old and not producing eggs.

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