It’s hot…

Temperatures are over 100 degrees this week and it’s obviously stressing the birds.  Mama T. is showing it in the pic.  She is using a technique called gular flutter to lose body heat.  Basically, it’s similar to panting.  The process requires very little energy on the bird’s part to lose body heat.  I placed a mister over the bird bath yesterday for about an hour at mid-afternoon, but had no takers.  There was very little bird activity, I suspect most were in the shade somewhere.  I’ll try again today a little earlier.

I often see the bluebirds drink from the birdbath, but almost never see them splashing like some of the other birds.  Maybe it was the heat that persuaded Daddy to take a bath yesterday.  Then he flew over to a neighbor’s house and struck this pose to dry his feathers.  He remained in this position for several minutes.  Something new for me. The good light reveals the deep blue of Daddy’s plumage.

Click photos to enlarge.

I checked on the babies and once again, they hunkered down and remained motionless.  This one couldn’t resist raising his head once and taking a peek and I was lucky enough to capture it.  I’ll open the box again today and not again until the babies fledge.  You shouldn’t open a box after day 13 because the babies might prematurely fledge and not stay in the box if placed back.  They can’t fly yet and their survival would be in jeopardy.  They will probably fly the coop in just about 4 more days, but that makes a big difference in their growth and maturity.

Brood Summary

  • Nest completed by previous female
  • First egg laid                                           28 May
  • Second egg                                               29 May
  • Third egg                                                  31  May
  • First chick hatches                                 13 June
  • Second chick hatches                            14 June
  • Unhatched egg removed                       18 June

About lindell dillon

Lindell Dillon is retired and lives in Norman, OK. He grew up in Duncan, attended Cameron College and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. His interests include photography, nature, birding, and investing. Oklahoma Master Naturalist, alumnus Norman Police Department Citizens Academy.
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