Starting round two…

… or is it round three?  Mama started laying but disappeared before her eggs hatched.  Mama Too took over that nest minus eggs and hatched the two chicks that almost made it to fledging before succumbing to this awful heat that seems to have no end. On 28 June Mama T. began carrying in strands of bluestem and making another nest.

Daddy on the box. Click to enlarge.

I moved the nestbox to a location in the yard where it is shaded from the afternoon sun.  The birds seemed a little confused when they returned because a feeder was where the box had been.  But, it didn’t take them long to figure things out.  Both of them soon landed on the box and started looking inside.  It usually takes bluebirds about a week to build a nest, but Mama T. is really working on this one and I don’t think it will take that long to complete.

I’ve given a lot of advice in this journal about things you should do to attract and maintain bluebirds. Maybe it might be beneficial to review some ‘DONT’S’.

DON’T spray the area around a nestbox with insecticides because the parents will see dying bugs and feed them to their babies.

Mama T. at the New Orleans Diner.

DON’T mount nestboxes on trees or fence posts because they provide easy access to predators.

DON’T  feed corn, bread, milo, or millet in bird feeders, as this attracts House Sparrows.  Black sunflower is a good choice.  I’ve never seen my bluebirds eat birdseed, it’s just out for the other guys.

Putting up a bluebird box is one of the easiest and best things you can do for the environment and yourself.

Second Brood Summary

  • First sign of nest building                28 June

About lindell dillon

Lindell Dillon is retired and lives in Norman, OK. He grew up in Duncan, attended Cameron College and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. His interests include photography, nature, birding, and investing. Oklahoma Master Naturalist, alumnus Norman Police Department Citizens Academy.
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