Four blue eggs… and counting

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As long as there are bluebirds, there will be miracles and a way to find happiness.
– Shirl Brunnel, I Hear Bluebirds, 1984

Mama II is laying like a Leghorn!  Despite unfavorable weather, she has produced an egg a day since her first egg.  This could be all she will lay, but Mama is young and healthy and she may not be done.  We will just have to wait and see.  Today is cloudy and cool again, but who knows?

It’s a myth that opening a bluebird box or touching the nest will make them abandon the nest.  Bluebirds can’t smell and are very tolerant of humans, especially when the nest is in your yard and they see you every day.  In fact monitoring the nest is a good practice and should be a part of your regimen as a blue bird host.

It’s also a myth that if you don’t have a nestbox up early in the season, you won’t attractIMG_2309_tonemapped bluebirds.  In Oklahoma bluebirds may attempt four or even five nestings.  Those who nest in the wild often change locations and will be searching for a suitable nesting place throughout the summer.

Daddy on the box checking out Mama inside.

It’s never a bad time to put up a bluebird box.  Hosting bluebirds is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done.  Not only is it rewarding, but it’s one of the easiest things you can do for one of America’s favorite songbirds.

See more bluebird and nature photos on my flickr stream

First Brood Summary

  • First sign of nest building                09 March
  • Nest completed                                   15 March
  • First egg laid                                       18 March
  • Second egg laid                                  19 March
  • Third egg laid                                     20 March
  • Fourth egg laid                                   21 March

About lindell dillon

Lindell Dillon is retired and lives in Norman, OK. He grew up in Duncan, attended Cameron College and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. His interests include photography, nature, birding, and investing. Oklahoma Master Naturalist, alumnus Norman Police Department Citizens Academy.
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3 Responses to Four blue eggs… and counting

  1. Rainey says:

    I just wanted to thank you for all the information. I had blue birds last last (by Accident) they built a nest in a watermelon bird house I had hung up for decoration. I think it may have been to close to house because eggs did not hatch. I have been reading and reading about these beautiful birds. This year I have a blue bird nest and now have four eggs in it I’m checking it every day. Thank you thank you for sharing.

  2. Wazeau says:

    Its looking to be a productive spring!

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