An egg in the nest.

Birds have a way of putting things in perspective. They forge ahead and carry on no matter what happens. No dwelling on the past, no regrets, sheer 100% survival..and beauty. – Susan Halpin, 2008

egg1Mama II completed her nest on 15 July and laid her first egg the following day.   Her nests are adequate, but nearly as tightly woven as our original Mama.  Maybe she will get better with experience, this is her first year after all. If she keeps the pace she did in her first two nestings this year, she will lay an egg a day.

The four juveniles from the previous hatch are in the yard quite a bit.  They get spread out occasionally, but pretty much stay together.  They spend a lot of time following Daddy II.  It’s pleasant to sit out early in the morning and have breakfast with a half-dozen bluebirds.  I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

It’s easy to see why people become so infatuated with their bluebirds.  They are so IMG_6870 copybeautiful and sociable.  I’ve recorded 156 species of birds on this red dirt hill and not a one other than the bluebirds

Mama with a juvie on the mealworm feeder.  Click photos to enlarge.

has ever shown any sign of recognizing me, much less visiting regularly and even communicating to me.  Every single morning Daddy sits on his perch chortling and wingwaving to me.  They become family.

Bluebirds have long been symbols of happiness and love. W.L. Dawson wrote “Reflecting heaven from his back and the ground from his breast, he floats between sky and earth like the winged voice of hope.”  Without a doubt bluebirds have appeared in more songs, poems and literature than any other bird.  It’s easy to see why.

See more bluebird and nature photos on my flickr stream

Fourth Brood Summary

  • First sign of nest building                12 July
  • Nest completed                                   15 July
  • First egg                                                16 July

About lindell dillon

Lindell Dillon is retired and lives in Norman, OK. He grew up in Duncan, attended Cameron College and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. His interests include photography, nature, birding, and investing. Oklahoma Master Naturalist, alumnus Norman Police Department Citizens Academy.
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10 Responses to An egg in the nest.

  1. pamcolander says:

    That’s great! I can’t believe your BBs are on their 4th nesting, Ours haven’t even attempted a 2nd. Thought I’d tell you how to type a copyright symbol…hold down the Alt key with your left finger while typing 169 with the right. Release the Alt key and it should appear as the C inside a circle 🙂

  2. thank you for this diary…I am besotted with my blue birds and enjoy reading about yours. I became a blue bird god mother this June for the first time-when they fledged, Mama and Daddy flew with them over our heads into the canopy of trees right above us making a ruckus..I swear it seemed to us as if they were showing us their babies-we have trees every where, but they all came away from the trees around the box right up close to the house that morning. Daddy will come flying out of the woods when I call, and Mama is sitting on her 5 eggs – her second nest of the season.We had 5 last time too and mealworms willing, we will have another successful brood fledged this time. I wish we could get them to eat at a feeder closer to house, but I’m sure they know best…lots of predator birds around, better to stay high. So far the little meal worm dish out by their box suits them fine.

    • lindell dillon says:

      I’m always happy to hear about others’ bluebirds. Hope they stay with you and you continue to enjoy them. I think if you start moving the mealworm feeder closer, the birds will follow. Mine will come up with it stuck just off the patio and me out there. Daddy is trained to come on a whistle.

  3. Hello,
    wow.. love the pictures! we are on our second nest in the same box. We have alot of bluebirds around our place. It’s exciting to watch the male bring in all the nest materials while the female watches near by.

    I tried a mealworm feeder but they didn’t find it. It is set-up within 3-4 feet of the bird box. Went thru about 1000 live mealworms but they just all died in the feeder. How di dyou get them to start eating from your feeder?

    You take great pictures.

    It’s Bluebird Nesting Time Again!

    • lindell dillon says:

      Glad you are enjoying the Bluebird Diary. I’m on my second pair of nesting Eastern Bluebirds and neither of the males has done any of the nest building. My birds just took to the wiggling mealworms. I don’t put them out until the birds arrive in the morning. Sometimes if I haven’t seen them, I go outside and whistle and Daddy appears. He is trained to know the whistle means meal time.

      • Hi Lindell,
        Wow, that’s cool that they come when you whistle!

        The bluebirds found the mealworms on Saturday late evening. I was excited since I had been trying to get them on the mealworm feeder and had lost alot of mealworms.

        How many houses do you have? Sounds like you are really into the bluebirds too! They are alot of fun to watch, especially when you finally see the fledglings.

        See my pictures of them at the mealworm feeder that I have attached to the post with the their house. This is the closest house I have to the house.
        Bluebirds Eating Live Mealworms

      • lindell dillon says:

        Glad the birds located the mealworms. I’d put them out the same time every day when the bluebirds are in the yard. They will learn the routine and it will certainly help keep them in your box. Also keeps them from going to other birds. A couple of summers ago I had a mockingbird that figured out the routine. I would have to go out at keep him at bay while the bluebirds ate.

        I just have the one box in the backyard.

      • Good afternoon… good idea. I noticed this morning that a finch found the mealworms, he seemed to like them. The male bluebird scared him off.

        If you have room for another box I’ll make you a deal on one.

        Garden Bluebird Houses

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