We have babies!

The fact that many people host bluebirds is one of the things that is ‘right’ about this world.

baby bluebirds 006About the time you think you have Mother Nature figured out, she throws you a curveball.  My bluebirds have never hatched in 12 days.  Today was rainy and cold and I didn’t want to open the box.  I was thinking the eggs would hatch tomorrow or perhaps the next day.

At mid-afternoon I saw Daddy come in with an unusually small insect.  He didn’t just hand yardbirds 031it off at the hole like he does when feeding Mama, but went inside the box and was there for awhile.  That was an indication that he was feeding a baby.  I opened the box and was surprised to find all four eggs had hatched.  One egg shell was still in the box with a hairy little chick still laying in it.  Female bluebirds eat the eggshells to replenish the calcium in their bodies.

Just like with humans, bluebird lives get really busy when they have children.  Mama and Daddy will be working overtime to catch enough teeny bugs to keep these little mouths satisfied.  They are too small to eat mealworms, or I’d help them out.  We are leaving for a trip to the Hill Country in a couple of days.  Really happy we got to see the babies before we leave.  Now I will worry about them the whole time we are gone.  My bluebirds are experienced parents and don’t need help, except for predators. Daddy is going to have to make do without his security detail.

Total chicks fledged from this site is 57.

First Brood 2015

  • First sign of nest building                                                       10 March
  • Nest completed                                                                          18 March
  • First egg                                                                                       19 March
  • Second egg                                                                                  20 March
  • Third egg                                                                                     21 March
  • Fourth egg                                                                                   23 March
  • Incubation begins                                                                      24 March
  • All eggs hatch                                                                             05 April

About lindell dillon

Lindell Dillon is retired and lives in Norman, OK. He grew up in Duncan, attended Cameron College and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. His interests include photography, nature, birding, and investing. Oklahoma Master Naturalist, alumnus Norman Police Department Citizens Academy.
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10 Responses to We have babies!

  1. roughrustics says:

    How wonderful! This is my first bluebird-watching season, and this morning I just found three eggs!

  2. roughrustics says:

    Reblogged this on Rough Rustics and commented:
    Looks like these bluebirds are a little ahead of mine 🙂

  3. Margaret says:

    Wonderful news, Lindell. I eagerly await an update when you return.

  4. Wow. Exciting news, Lindell. It just started to get warm here in Virginia, Papa bluebird has been singing all around my yard. So I checked inside our BB box – and there was a nest, newly woven and ready to go. Eggs soon! Something really beautiful and reassuring about blue birds choosing us to “host” their nesting activities and returning year after year. Time to get worms!

  5. Tracy P says:

    This is so exciting! Congratulations to mama and papa bluebird! And to you! I found your blog last summer while I was raising an orphaned nestling up in Ontario, Canada and I found it fascinating and helpful. My male orphan we successfully released and spent 3 months in our yard and area before he headed south for the winter. I went back and read all of your previous posts. Thank you for sharing their lives with us and for caring about them. Tracy

  6. Julianas Email says:

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Jo Ann Wilkinson says:

    So enjoying your blog while waiting for my Bluebirds to return.
    Got a curve this week. Chickadees are building in my bluebird house.First time this has occurred.
    Hope they fledge before bluebirds return!

  8. Dianne alger says:

    Always good to hear your news about the bb. I have been successful for several years. I keep a journal but do not blog. Anyway, I had 5eggs, 5 live births almost the same dates as you. However, on day 2, there were only 2 babies in nest, doing well, then on day 5, they were both dead in the nest. I don’t know what changed this year. I had a sparrow spooker & predator guard. I am assuming they were injured by house sparrows, but did not see any destruction to the two babies. I had not seen hosp at all until this week. what are your suggestions regarding keeping the bb box up, reusing the nest, and placing another box nearby to lure hosp?

    • lindell dillon says:

      If HOSP’s had killed the babies there should have been injuries visible and the HOSP’s would have likely began to build a nest immediately. Don’t know where you are, early in the season for temps to be high enough to kill babies. I’d clean out the nest and hope the bluebirds start brood two. Sounds like you did things right.

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