Four new bluebirds on the reddirt hill

Hochatown 052I expected the babies to fledge on 21 April, but that wasn’t the case.  They did a lot of peering out that day, an indication that they are about to leave the box.  We had to leave for a trip on 22 April and I suspect they fledged this day.  Nest was empty when we returned.  Hated to miss the big event, but a lot of pride in producing 61 new bluebirds from this box.

I’ve observed Daddy return to the box several times and peer inside.  Guess he wants to make sure no one is left behind.  Mama usually takes her fledglings down on the creek when they fledge.  I expect they will be following Daddy to the yard in another week or so.  Look forward to seeing them and hope to get some photos.

I have removed the Sparrow Spooker from the box so sparrows won’t get used to it.  I’ll put it back on the box after Mama lays her first egg of the second brood.  Removed the nest and washed out the house.  Ready for brood two.

Total chicks fledged from this site is 61.

First Brood 2015

  • First sign of nest building                                                       10 March
  • Nest completed                                                                          18 March
  • First egg                                                                                       19 March
  • Second egg                                                                                  20 March
  • Third egg                                                                                     21 March
  • Fourth egg                                                                                   23 March
  • Incubation begins                                                                      24 March
  • All eggs hatch                                                                              05 April
  • Four babies fledge                                                                      22 April

Hochatown 056                                                       Click photos to enlarge.


About lindell dillon

Lindell Dillon is retired and lives in Norman, OK. He grew up in Duncan, attended Cameron College and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. His interests include photography, nature, birding, and investing. Oklahoma Master Naturalist, alumnus Norman Police Department Citizens Academy.
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5 Responses to Four new bluebirds on the reddirt hill

  1. Margaret says:

    Another great result, Lindell.
    I know individual hosts take action to reduce the devastating effects of House Sparrow infestation into their own hands. But is there anything being done at a more formal, government level to minimise the damage this feral species is having on the native Bluebird populations? Are there any country-wide control or eradication programs?

    • lindell dillon says:

      No programs that I am aware. The only active control I’m aware of is the trapping of Cow Birds in breeding territories of Black-capped Vireos. It’s really labor intensive to capture HOSP’s and be sure that non-targeted species are not harmed. I doubt it is possible to get any help on a species that is not classified as endangered.

      • Margaret says:

        Thanks, Lindell. This means it’s up to passionate individuals, such as yourself, to ensure that bluebird populations, which are considered secure, remain that way. Much kudos to you and others willing to take the challenge of hosting these beautiful birds

  2. roughrustics says:

    Waiting for our very first babies to fledge! Four hatched not long ago. I hope. I won’t miss their first flight! I watch the parents every morning team up to chase off blue jays and starlings.

  3. Thanks for the update – I love happy endings !! My bluebird chicks are now 11 days old, and I have another Bluebird couple “courting” in a new box I placed in my front garden – out of sight of the first box with the chicks. I love these little birds !!

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