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2018 Brood Two

These bluebirds are all about raising babies!  No sooner is one brood fledged until Mama begins building another nest.  I always remove used nests and hose out the box between broods.  No need to risk mites or other parasites.  I … Continue reading

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Spring 2018

“There never was a happier or more devoted husband than the male bluebird. He is the gay champion and escort of the female at all times, and while she is sitting, he feeds her regularly.”   John Burroughs Welcome back … Continue reading

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Spring on the reddirt hill

The astronomical calendar of  heavenly bodies shows the Spring Equinox will occur on March 20 at 5:29 a.m. CDT.  Most people consider this the beginning  of Spring.  The politicians have us moving our clocks forward tonight and some regard that as the … Continue reading

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I think we have Daddy III

An adult male bluebird showed up in the yard just a day after Daddy II was brutally killed by a roadrunner.  He arrived in the afternoon and just followed Mama III around chortling to her.  She was too busy catching … Continue reading

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Three little blue eggs

All solutions to HOSP control have drawbacks, but not controlling them at all has the greatest drawback.  – Cherie Layton, The Bluebird Nut, 2006 The bluebirds have returned after being gone for about six weeks.  Last week Mama began a … Continue reading

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A bluebird tragedy …

I apologize that I haven’t reported on the bluebirds recently.  I’ve been so bummed out, I just couldn’t find the motivation to post.  We lost Mama to a neighborhood cat.  I think the babies were not fed for a couple … Continue reading

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A little blue egg …

Mama completed her second nest of the season on 14 May and rewarded us with a little powder blue egg the following day.  Weather continues to be wet and punctuated with periods of thunderstorms.  Normally bluebirds will lay an egg … Continue reading

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