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Heat takes its toll

I expect this record heat wave in Oklahoma and Texas has taken a toll on most wildlife this summer.  It has certainly affected the bluebirds’ nesting efforts.  I removed the nest and eggs yesterday.  I think Mama would continue to … Continue reading

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Heat and incubation

There is not a lot of activity to report during incubation and I’m really skeptical that this clutch of eggs will hatch due to the heat wave we experienced.  Their first few days saw temperatures of 107-110F degrees outside the … Continue reading

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Incubating in the heat

After I’ve been home and observed Mama for a few days, I believe she began incubating on 05 August.  She has spent most of the days inside the box in these intolerable temperatures.  She is out there with her head … Continue reading

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Fourth nesting attempt

  We returned home from Santa  Fe to find  the bluebirds have constructed a fourth nest and laid two eggs.  With temperatures over 100 for 30+ consecutive days, I’d hoped they wouldn’t try another brood this year. Unless the heat … Continue reading

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